Ebay Marketing Secrets – Building Your Own Profit Accelerating Sales Funnel on Ebay

These days, everyone seems to be fancying the idea of a ‘sales funnel’ and the eBay sales funnel is one of the best that there can be. But there are many people out there who are yet to come to terms with the concept of using such an eBay marketing system. The system is quite similar to a standard funnel except, it has several core areas clickfunnels $37.

For example: If we divide the eBay sales funnel into 5 segments then it will represent the following:

1. Top Segment: Visitors or buyers coming to eBay

2. Second Segment: lead clicks on Call to action

3. Third Segment: Lead interacts with the company

4. Fourth Segment: The Company will pre-qualify the lead

5. Bottom Segment: Sale will close and transaction will take place

Of course, different people and businesses have different ways of interpreting this marketing funnel and it can easy have lesser or more segments. The eBay sales system at work here on the other hand is regarded as one of the complete funnel systems.

In eBay, this sales system works in a different way vis-à-vis the traditional method. At eBay, a bidder or the visitor can get a particular product for a price that’s lower than what it will be worth in the market. Hence, most bidders will end up buying the product and a sale will get registered but the success of the eBay sales funnel actually lies in the fact that each of the products sold to one particular customer should have a price tag that you have asked for.

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