Baby Boomers’ Love For Theatre – Unleash That Actor In You

Theatre is loved by baby boomers. Not without good reason. The theatre from of art which teaches values and love of culture that definitely were prime to our baby boomers, when they were venturing out in the 50s to 60s. one can not go without noticing the influence of theatre in today as was the influence of hippies back then during their peak.

Love for culture and stage that had become common during amidst the culture of the baby boomers also lets us now that this was nothing less than a well educated det of people. These baby boomers definitely had some influential exposure from the college that they attended or their own parents which undoubtedly has gone a long way in preserving this very important part of our society right through the time this very generation had been in charge.

Almost all the baby boomers have been very fascinated by the theater and its givings to the cultural world. For these it is more than just watching plays and being a good patron of art and culture. Its something more. Many of them feel that there is a desperate performer inside them who wants to just get out there and walk onto the stage and act out a play and show to everyone that here is a potential actor, breaking all the hesitance inside each of them. But the unwillingness and shyness to take that chance has been keeping us all and even giving it a try. However this kind of risk and step taking maybe an easy and possible task for all of us when we are young, the case is not the same when we grow into adults. As adults there is always a need to preserve one’s image and pride when one should try to never look stupid especially like on a stage and we forget a line.

As all the baby boomers progress towards the age of retirement, they get more in touch with the creative side of themselves. This point in their life is priceless when they have all the opportunities to explore that thing inside them who wants to take the plunge into the acting world. They can find out for themselves if they really can unleash the actor inside them and also succeed in captivating the audience with their talents and keep them glued to their seats.

It should be noted that if at all there was a voice inside us that cried out to make it big as well as keep in touch with the creative side of themselves, then theatre is indelibly the answer to sprout new wings even if old age is the condition prevailing. Why not? Why not take a chance in life to perform that task which you have always wanted to try all your life. Retirement shouldn’t put you down. Actually that should be the time when you actually let go and tell yourself ” this is it and I have it in me to give it a try. Why not give it a try? I am definitely trying this out.

Your entire life unsure timidness has kept you from trying out the actor in you in a real role played in a real play. When finally you give it a try and it clicks and when you hear that rousing applause from the audience side at the end of the play, you know that you have everything in you, you will know what you have kept yourself from all your life.

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